Poor by Caleb Femi


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Bookseller Review by Elle:

In this ode to South London and black culture, Femi combines poetry and photography to explore life as a young black man in 21st Century Peckham. Vivid, beautiful, and powerful! A great pick if you’re looking for some fantastic modern poetry. 

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What is it like to grow up in a place where the same police officer who told your primary school class they were special stops and searches you at 13 because ‘you fit the description of a man’ – and where it is possible to walk two and a half miles through an estate of 1,444 homes without ever touching the ground? In ‘Poor’, Caleb Femi combines poetry and original photography to explore the trials, tribulations, dreams and joys of young Black boys in twenty-first century Peckham. He contemplates the ways in which they are informed by the built environment of concrete walls and gentrifying neighbourhoods that form their stage, writes a coded, near-mythical history of the personalities and sagas of his South London youth, and pays tribute to the rappers and artists who spoke to their lives.

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