Mixed/Other: Explorations of Multiraciality in Modern Britain by Natalie Morris


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The mixed-race population is the fastest-growing ethnic group in the UK, taking in every combination of heritages imaginable. It is a heterogenous group with no one singular experience, no sole narrative to describe or define the multitudinous variations of cultural mixes and ethnic make ups that exist within this country. And yet despite the plethora of backgrounds that are encompassed under the term ‘mixed’, through the course of her work as a journalist, it became clear to Natalie Morris that there is a collective identity; recurring themes and experiences that suggest a commonality of mixed-race existence. At a time when ethnically-ambiguous models fill our Instagram feeds and our high street shop windows, in ‘Mixed/Other’, Natalie Morris provides a voice to those who have up until now, not been included in the narrative.

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