Dialogue Book Lounge and Fane Events

Sevenoaks Bookshop is working in partnership with Dialogue Books and Fane to provide the books for their monthly events.

Dialogue Books is the home to a variety of stories from illuminating voices often excluded from the mainstream. Dialogue Books shines a spotlight on stories for, about and by readers from the LGBTQI+, disability, working class and BAME communities. The imprint has a clear focus of distinctive, cross-genre titles that spark a conversation across fiction, non-fiction, commercial and literary publishing.

Fane is an online production company, working with inspiring voices from the world of literature, podcasts, screen and stage.

A Night in with Sarvat Hasin – 25th October 2021

Book and ticket includes a copy of The Giant Dark (RRP 16.99) and a unique ticket to access the stream.

Join Sarvat Hasin to celebrate the publication of her debut novel, a loose retelling of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice.

Aida is a rock star at her peak with a devoted cultish fanbase who follow her every move. When she disappears into a complicated love affair with an ex, they are determined to uncover her truths.

After a decade of silence, Aida and Ehsan reconnect, hoping to recreate the love they shared in their youth. When Ehsan’s life unravels, he follows Aida on tour, but it becomes clear that their connection is strained by secrets and jealousies. The past blurs with their present as they follow in the footsteps of mythic lovers before them.

In conversation for this virtual event, Sarvat will explore why she wanted to rewrite this famous myth, exploring the consuming and devastating effects of using a lover as a muse.

For more information and to book a ticket: https://www.fane.co.uk/sarvat-hasin

A Night in with JJ Bola – 4th November 2021

Book and ticket includes a copy of The Selfless Act of Breathing (RRP £14.99) and there is also a ticket only option.

JJ Bola’s second novel is a story of millennial existential angst told through the eyes of a young Londoner who seems to have it all – a promising future, a solid career, strong friendships, a blossoming love story – but it’s the unbearable weight of life that leads him to decide to take his own.

As he grapples with issues bigger than him – political conflict, environmental desecration, police brutality – Michael seeks to find his place within a world that is complicated and unwelcoming.

Although he finds solace in the people that surround him, he alone must decide if his life is worth living.

In conversation for this exclusive virtual event, JJ Bola will explore the themes of his novel, tackling important issues such as mental health, police brutality and the power of love from his own unique perspective.

For more information and to book a ticket: https://www.fane.co.uk/jj-bola